DoctorClean® is a professional supplier of hand hygiene products & solutions with over 20 years of experience. We help to simplify the way you maintain good hygiene by the help of our hand sanitizing products, which include automatic sanitizer dispenser, manual soap and sanitizer dispenser, elbow disinfectant dispenser, hand lotion & sanitizer solution, smart hand sanitizer solution and hand sanitizer dispenser accessories. A variety of sizes, forms, materials and fragrances with other customizable options are available to perfectly suit your demands.
We devote ourselves to protecting your health and avoiding germs and infection in both private and public environments, like home, school, university, hospital, clinic, office building, restaurant, café, shopping mall, hotel, food factory, etc.
Backed by a global business network, DoctorClean® promises to provide reliable products and excellent service for our partners and clients at all times.